Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I wish they told me BEFORE I made Aliyah

There are tons of Olim out there who have blogs about making Aliyah. This blog is not about making aliyah, its about me, Penina. But, since I have made aliyah, its a subject at the forefront of most of what I do. I gabbing with friends, I have found certain things come up again and again. Please feel free to add your own "things I wish they'd told me" but please, let's not make it an Israel-bash.

#1 thing I wish they'd told me before I made aliyah - Israel is NOT AMERICA. OK, they did tell me that one, but I suppose I never really considered what that would really mean:

- no walmart
- no target
- no Sam's club
- deoderant that costs 30nis ($7.50) instead of $2 (do they consider deoderant a luxury???? seems that way on the bus sometimes)
- lipstick that costs 80nis ($20) instead of $6

Ok, that's all petty stuff

#2 - there aren't really any laws in Israel, only suggestions that are selectively enforced, depending on the mood of the police officer, person, etc.

#3 - if you get one answer from a civil servant, come back the next day and you'll likely get a different answer (in either direction)

#4 - you can get a 100nis ticket for crossing at a crosswalk if the signal isn't green (ask my husband about that!)